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​I took STARTALK: TTLO 2017 course to learn how to change my Russian language and literature courses to incorporate the best online practices, course design, and online tools that will be useful to me. I am planning to start working on my blended course in the fall of 2017. I would like to thank all the participants and instructors in the TTLO 2017 course for their contributions and insights that have helped me grow in my understanding of teaching language online.


In this portfolio, I showcase some of the projects I created during 3 weeks of the course. Here is a brief project outline:


Unit 1 - Investigations, Analysis, Guidelines, Checklists, and Reflections

  • Investigation of Institutional Support for Transitioning to Teaching Online

  • Letter to Parents and Prospective Students - Snapshot Analysis

  • Guidelines and Checklists for Online Course Design

  • The Specific Features of Language Online Courses

  • Syllabus Checklist

  • Best Practices for Online Teaching: Challenges and Solutions – Group Presentation


Unit 2 - Resources, Lesson Plans, and Rubrics

  • Annotated list of available resources for the language you teach.

  • Participation and oral production assessment rubric for an online or hybrid course.

  • 3 Lesson plans for online presentation activities (Listening, Reading, Writing).

  • Transitioned activity and lesson plan with a rubric for expectations and assessment of feedback in an online class.


Unit 3 - A Variety of Sample Activities

  • Interpretive Activity – written text

  • Interpretive Activity – aural text

  • Interpersonal Activity

  • Presentational Activity – oral and written

  • Orientation Video

  • Phonetics Support Activity (Russian Tongue Twisters) 


3 Unit Reflections

STARTALK ePortfolio Introduction

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